• What i learned about my husband 4 years later

    I have been with Cody for 4 years now and fun fact: this is the longest relationship either of us have ever been in. Personally, I love being married! It’s so nice to have a sense of stability in ...

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    What i learned about my husband 4 years later
  • Disney During Covid

    We’ve officially gone to Disney World twice since the start of COVID. The first time was back in December when things were first starting to open up and the second was for Carter’s birthday and ...

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    Disney During Covid
  • CBD

    What’s the real deal with CBD? And is it for you? Just a few years ago no one knew anything about CBD and then all of a sudden we woke up one morning and there was a shop on every corner and ...

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  • Mental Health Check-In

    The year is 2021 and no one saw any of these events coming. We’re all feeling it. I think a good indicator of our collective mental health suffering was the number of people who broke down to Steve ...

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    Mental Health Check-In


Jessica Nickson and The Market

Vitamin C

Vitamin C – Everything you need to know about this must have key skincare ingredient Acne and I were good friends for a good 15 years before I decided to call things off. I tried everything on the market to achieve the clear skin that I could only really dream of but nothing ever got…

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Nordstrom Sale: Shopping Guide

Preview day is here and I woke up feeling like a kid on Christmas! Speaking of Christmas, when I asked you guys what you would be shopping for during the sale, a lot of responses said Christmas gifts. If that is really the case then you are all better people than me because I pretty…

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The Warsaw Orphan By Kelly Rimmer

For anyone who loved reading The Nightingale, you’ll absolutely love this book.  By the end of chapter one I was already in tears. By the end of chapter three, I was a complete puddle. There is no easing into this incredible historical fiction novel. You’re immediately attached to the plight of these two lead characters…

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