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About It's Nomb

Welcome to It' Nomb, which stands for It's None of My Business.

This site is a passion project of Jessica Nickson's, who wants to bring some of her favorite high quality styles, accessories and items for the home to her family of followers at amazing prices.

Our motto is:

If it doesn't inspire me, make me happy, or make me money, it's NONE OF MY BUSINESS! 

So we took that motto into everything we do with this online Marketplace. We want to bring our customers items that add enjoyment, and value to their lives.

The site is divided into a few categories...


The Market 

- These are items curated by Jessica Nickson and her team, we go out and find amazing quality clothing and accessories that will bring your wardrobe to life, as well as fun accessories and items for the home. We offer super budget friendly and comfortable pieces, as well as more dressy items.

Some of the items from the market are super high quality and high end, these items have a LUX logo on the main image to indicate that they are part of our higher end collections and carry a slightly higher price tag, but they are worth every penny!

We launch a "Weekly Edit" every Wednesday with a small capsule of items that we just love, and once a month we launch our "Monthly Edit" with a larger collection of items that are hand picked for the season.


The Label

- These are original It's Nomb designs that we created with our customer's lifestyles and life events in mind, most of these items are also Maternity friendly so they can be worn in all seasons of your life!


We hope you love our pieces as much as we do! Happy Shopping :)